Bamboo Learning Center

Cariloha’s soft, sustainable bamboo products deliver unmatched comfort and style. The following articles break down what makes viscose from bamboo such a remarkable material. It also outlines the sustainable process we’ve perfected to transform tall, stiff bamboo stalks into buttery soft bedding, clothing, and bath goods. Read all about the benefits of bamboo viscose products and how the right care will keep them as soft as when they were first taken out of their packaging.

Why Choose Bamboo Fabric Products

When thinking of bamboo, it’s natural to picture pandas gnawing on it while lounging in tall, verdant bamboo forests. But bamboo, an extremely resilient and sustainable plant, serves many purposes. It can be used to make kitchenware, paper, musical instruments, and fabric.

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Bamboo Clothing

As a naturally breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, viscose from bamboo makes a beautiful clothing material. It’s an extremely versatile fabric that can be used for men’s and women’s clothing, workout clothes, underwear, socks, and everyday apparel. Click below to learn more about how bamboo clothing is made, the different types of bamboo fabrics, and more.

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Bamboo Bedding

Discover how bamboo bedding can ensure you get a good night’s rest every night. Due to viscose from bamboo bedding’s soft fibers and temperature-regulating properties, you’ll wake up feeling extra refreshed. Bamboo viscose can be used in bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and throw blankets, and its hypoallergenic properties means everyone can enjoy its countless benefits.

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Bamboo Bath

Absorbent, soft, and odor-resistant — there’s no better fabric for bath towels and linens than comfortable, sustainable viscose from bamboo. Click the link below to learn about how to choose bamboo towels and bathrobes for your bathroom, and how to care for them, so they’re supremely fresh and soft every time you step out of the shower.

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