Giving Back


Recycle, renew, reuse, and replenish – bamboo is something we should all live with. Everyone who wears and uses bamboo goods is inherently giving back in some small way to a more earth-friendly world. Here at Cariloha, we’re not saying that you or us can save the world by ourselves or be the greenest person on the block, rather one small green act is one step in the right direction toward a more eco-friendly you and world we all live in.


miles to give

Mauli Ola Foundation


Cariloha throughout this spring and summer 2017 season has had the privilege of joining forces with the Mauli Ola Foundation in their fight against Cystic Fibrosis, organizing surfing opportunities that dramatically help reduce the mucus in affected individuals’ lungs thanks to the high saline levels in the ocean waves and air. The Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases. Harnessing the healing powers of the ocean, they introduce surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies, involving professional surfers and their sponsors in organized surf days.    Learn More

Socks for Soldiers


socks for soldiers


Cariloha donated 50 pairs of ultra-soft bamboo socks to the amazing folks on the USS Enterprise for the ship's 50th and final voyage. The crew absolutely LOVED the socks! Big thanks to the HS11 Dragonslayers USS Enterprise. May the bamboo be with you!
Here's one comment from a Cariloha fan: "Very nice thing that Cariloha did. I have 2 pairs of socks, 2 headbands and 1 tank top that I got from Cariloha, and I love them. I love how they supported theses troops. God bless all the troops and hope they all have a safe journey home to their families." - Tina S.

Miles 2 Give


Cariloha has been a proud sponsor of Miles 2 Give, a passionate organization of philanthropist runners who dedicated their lives to finding a cure to sarcoma cancer. For their efforts the organization did a fundraiser for reseach through the Huntsman Cancer Institute as they physically ran and toured 10,000 miles arounds the United States wearing our Cariloha Bamboo fitness gear. They started running counter-clockwise from Times Square, New York City in May to return back to times Square in December. All Money raised on their tour went directly to Sarcoma cancer research. So many individuals made this movement a reality, and Cariloha was honored to be a proud sponsor of Miles 2 Give's pursuit to give and inspire.

miles to give



David B. Pedersen Foundation

scholarship winners

The David B. Pedersen Foundation began in 2005, and it has since awarded more than $200,000 in scholarships. Former Del Sol CEO, Bob Pedersen, and wife, Catherine, including current company President, Jeff Pedersen, and his six other siblings, created and organized this foundation in honor of their youngest son and brother, David, who passed away in September 2005. The foundation awards scholarships to outstanding students who have “bounced back” from life’s obstacles and shown resilience and achievement in scholastics and being drug free.





Cariloha, since its inception, has dedicated time and resources to supporting several local, national, and international charities and humanitarian organizations that serve various communities on a not-for-profit basis. Here's a snapshot of just a few of these wonderful, cause-related efforts from this year:

• Sponsorship Donation to Kelia Merino (Top 1% U.S. Ultra Distance Runners) Running across the USA in 62 days by herself to set world record of 67 days.

• Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Race.

• Helping Hands for Haiti Product Donation.

• Dawes Intermediate School (Alabama) Education Donation.

• Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Product Donation).

• Give Air Foundation for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

• Product Donation -- Parkinson's Fundraiser.

• Salt Lake County School Districts Science & Engineering Fair.

• Ghana, Africa Product Donation through Orphanages.

• Family Autism Week -- Donation partnership with VivintGivesBack.

• Primary Children's Hospital Donation.

• LDS Humanitarian Services -- Product Donations.

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Screen Printing & Ink Disposal


Our screen printing facility, located in Salt Lake City embodies our commitment to improving and implementing solutions to helping and sustaining our environment. It takes more effort to monitor, but most of these green innovations will pay for themselves. Our screen printing processes are up to California standards for usage, treatment and disposal of inks and waste. We use a modern collection facility for washing out screens and ink residue, which far surpasses any normal standards. We use recyclable materials in our screen printing processes. Our water and reclaiming is 100% filtered through environmentally beneficial Micron bags. All screen printing squeegees are filtered and recycled, and our chemicals are hauled off and disposed of by AET environmental services. Nothing in our screen printing processes goes back to the environment. We have become the leading green-friendly screen printer in the state of Utah, and we improve upon all audit standards on an annual basis.



Product Packaging


Cariloha has worked closely with EPA and OCIA officers to develop better methods for shipping other products that previously required foam packaging. For all domestic and ground shipments, we’ve developed recyclable boxes that no longer need to use the oil-based foam, which is difficult to decompose. All domestic accounts and ground shipping does not require foam at this point.