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About Cariloha

Driven by a comfort and eco-conscious lifestyle, Cariloha joins the Style of the Caribbean with the Spirit of Aloha to provide the best in natural luxury. Since 2007, Cariloha has grown to become a globally recognized brand with a retail, wholesale and online presence specializing in bedding, clothing and bath goods made from comfortable, sustainable bamboo.

Cariloha is Bamboo

By turning self-replenishing bamboo fields into luxuriously soft, earth-friendly bamboo fabrics, Cariloha offers an exclusive collection of bedding, apparel, activewear, bath goods, and more made from soft, cool, clean and green bamboo.

Inspired by the essence and energy of the islands, Cariloha blends style and self-expression into every piece of clothing and bedding it makes. Special care is taken to drape customers in soft, comfortable, sustainable bamboo fabrics that leave them experiencing tranquil days in paradise time and time again.

Thanks to an ever-growing, rich supply of bamboo, Cariloha has an expansive fleet of retail showrooms in 17 countries offering its proprietary bamboo apparel, bedding and bath goods and enjoying the quality, soft touch, and green ‘footprint’ of this sustainable, renewable resource.

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Our Story

Cariloha Founder and CEO, Jeff Pedersen, had a vision for creating a new category in the marketplace – one that was dedicated to comfort and sustainability in a single package, offering a comfy way for individuals and Cariloha to save the world together.

Focusing on what inspired Cariloha initially, Jeff and the Cariloha team began developing bedding and clothing that would capture the comfort and lifestyle of the islands combined with eco-conscious sustainability. At great financial risk, we merchandised and opened three Cariloha showrooms in the Caribbean with a range of merchandise.

After a few product iterations toward our objective of sustainability and comfort, Jeff met with one of our long-time manufacturers in Southern California to create our first run of bamboo shirts that perfectly blended soft, comfortable fabric with earth-friendly sustainability and – presto – we sold 5,000 Cariloha bamboo shirts during our first week.

At that point, we knew we were onto something big, so we moved quickly to develop and offer more bamboo products for consumers that would allow them to make the same positive differences in the world them that we were trying to make.

Today, Cariloha is the only brand in the world to deliver an entire shopping experience that’s completely merchandised with comfortable, sustainable products made from eco-friendly bamboo.

Our proprietary development processes and access to the world’s highest-quality, replenishable bamboo fields allow us to produce more bamboo product at greater quality, scope and depth. Over time, we’ve been able to enhance our product line features to include exclusive collections of apparel, accessories, bedding and bath goods – all made from luxuriously soft, highly sustainable bamboo.

Cariloha utilizes numerous registered Trademarks and some unregistered trademarks (both U.S. and foreign) in marketing and selling its products, including, but not limited to, “Cariloha”, "Cariloha Bamboo", “Stay Cool, Wear Bamboo”, “A Comfy Way to Save the World”, “It’s Bamboo Soft”, "Bamboo Soft", "Comfy Soft", "Bamboo Style", "Cariloha Baby",  “Live Natural, Stay Cool, Wear Bamboo”, “Soft – Cool – Clean – Green”, “Crazy Soft”, “World’s Softest Shirt”, “World’s Softest Sheets”, “World’s Softest Towels”, "Softest Bedding on the Planet", “World’s Softest Liner”, "Bamboo Fit", "Cariloha Soft Standard", "Natural Luxury", "Soft · Simple · Sustainable", "Feel the Difference".