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One Tree Planted

Join Cariloha and One Tree Planted to plant bamboo trees in deforested areas.

Your $1 Donation =
One Bamboo Tree Planted

Donate $1 at checkout and Cariloha and One Tree Planted will plant 1 bamboo tree and other native trees in deforested areas in Mindanao, Phillippines.

Fighting Deforestation

Mindanao was dramatically deforested through legal and illegal logging over several decades, until logging was banned 5 years ago. Today, Mindanao’s landmass includes over 750,000 acres of barren, deforested land.

man planting bamboo
rows of small bamboo plants

Ecological Benefits

  • Carbon Removal
  • Watershed Restoration
  • Soil Stability
  • Erosion Control

Community Benefits

In 2020, One Tree Planted supported a pilot project planting 1600 acres of bamboo in Mindanao. Cariloha is proud to support this program that provides new jobs for collection of growing materials, bamboo nursery resources, and bamboo planting. As a USAID-co-funded program, special attention will be paid to facilitating jobs for women.

One Tree Planted

Together We Can Make a Postive Difference for People and Planet!