How Bamboo Goes From Plant to Pillow


Harvest Process

We cut the seasoned bamboo stalks on our bamboo farms into smaller pieces of raw bamboo.


Drying Process

Next, the bamboo is soaked in a GOTS-approved solution via a closed loop process to ensure that this process is as environmentally friendly as the bamboo it soaks. This solution breaks down the bamboo fibers, extracting the bamboo pulp that's then dried into parchment-like sheets.


Milling Process

Once thoroughly dried, these bamboo sheets are ready to be milled into a soft, fluffy material referred to as viscose from bamboo.


Sewing Process

It's then separated and spun into thread that's used to create yarn for weaving.

Wear, Sleep, Bathe

The end result is a comfortable, sustainable fabric that's twice as soft as cotton and 3 degrees cooler.

Certifiably Clean & Green

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