Cariloha Cares

Soft and sustainable products - it's who we are and at the heart of what we do. Cariloha provides the best in Sustainable Luxury™.

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Let's Care Together

Cariloha is more than a name or a brand - it's A COMFY WAY TO SAVE THE PLANET™, where we care about the earth today, so we have a better home for future generations tomorrow.

How We Are Caring

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Sustainable Products

Bamboo generates naturally without reseeding and is one of the most renewable resources on the planet!

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Carbon Neutral

Cariloha products are carbon neutral from cradle to gate, and sustainable living has been part of what we do since our inception.

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Sustainable Packaging

Large or small, we’re determined to make our packaging as sustainable for you and the planet as our products.

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Our Commitment

As we strive to help take care of the planet, reducing our overall carbon footprint is one of our core initiatives, and we’ll be focusing on the following four measurable commitments toward a “Comfy Way to Save the Planet” by 2025 and beyond.

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Renewable Materials

  • Replace non-bamboo-viscose, petroleum-derived fibers in blended fabrics with eco-friendly solutions.
  • Use post-consumer or other recycled materials to replace 100% of our products’ polyester fiber blends.
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Bamboo Renew Program

  • Provides a pathway for customers to renew, upcycle or recycle previously used products.
  • Create a pathway for 100% of showrooms and to provide Bamboo Renew stations
  • Provide foundation for 100% of product categories to be upcycled or renewed through our Bamboo Renew Program to then be resold online.
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Business Operations

  • Commited to carton recycle program worldwide in 100% of showroom locations.
  • Become LEED certified office by 2025
  • 100% of domestic showrooms to provide services for typically non-recyclable post consumer textiles.

Cariloha Cares Calendar

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Green Resolution

Jan. 1 - 30

Join us in sharing your Green New Year’s resolutions.

textile recycling box in a cariloha store

Global Recycling Day

Mar. 18

Now’s your chance to recycle your textiles at a Cariloha showroom near you.

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World Water Day

Mar. 22

Let today be the day that you start conserving more water by using bamboo products.

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Earth Day

Apr. 22

Let's care for the earth by participating in beach clean-ups, tree planting, etc.

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Arbor Day

Apr. 29

Choose to round up your purchase price and contribute to our FSC vendors and partners.

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World Oceans Day

Jun. 8

Get involved in various recommended local ocean clean-up events.

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World Rainforest Day

Jun. 22

Let's clean up and protect our rain forests with clean-up and appreciation projects.

cariloha employees cleaning trash by a beach and road

Clean Beaches Week

Jul. 1-7

Nothing like a clean sandy beach! Participate in beach clean-up projects near you.

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Day of Clean Air

Sept. 7

Help yourself and others breathe better today by supporting bamboo, which helps clean our air.

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World Bamboo Day

Sept. 18

Today’s the day to share your love for bamboo by supporting, learning about, and using more bamboo in your life.

cariloha employees cleaning a beach

Coastal Cleanup Day

Sept. 19

Join Cariloha staff at one of its many coastal locations or create your own group to participate in a coastal clean-up project.

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Zero Emissions Day

Sept. 21

Of all the days this month, today’s a good day to WFH or bike to the office, creating less emissions and starting new commitment.

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Day of Climate Action

Oct. 24

Learn about Cariloha’s Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiatives (above) and how your enjoying bamboo helps support our efforts.

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National Recycling Day

Nov. 15

Now’s your chance to recycle your old, unwanted textiles (sheets, towels, clothes) at one of our domestic showrooms and get an in-showroom discount for doing so.

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