Cariloha Carbon

Making The World A Better, Greener Place

It’s what we’re striving for – making the world a better, greener place for future generations through our eco-approach to carbon-neutral business. We can work together to help save the world in a comfier way by measuring our carbon footprint, reducing our emissions, and carbon offsetting what we’re determined to eliminate until we reach net zero.

Carbon Neutral Journey

Cariloha is actively becoming 100% carbon neutral thanks to you, bamboo, and our mutual efforts. As our journey continues toward complete neutrality, we’re making positive changes by investing in carbon-offset projects that align with our supply chain and consumer values, supporting reforestation, renewable energy, and community projects.

Carbon Footprints - Why We Care

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities, like burning fossil fuels and clear-cutting forests, are rising faster than the planet can naturally regulate, resulting in climate change. And, our specific carbon footprints are the kg CO2e (kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions) that we’re treading or emitting every single day to make our Cariloha products. The softer we can make those footprints, the better.

Bamboo to the Rescue

Bamboo helps make that vision possible. It allows us to never take what we can’t replenish. By using sustainably sourced materials like bamboo in all our products, Cariloha’s footprint is already much softer than most. And every little step makes a difference. But it’ll take more effort to reduce our C02 emissions all the way to net zero than just using bamboo, and some emissions are still unavoidable. This is where carbon offsets come in.

How We Measure It

We start by measuring our own carbon footprint (the kg CO2e to make our products) using a ground-to-home and back-again globally accepted ISO 14044 methodology to calculate our product footprint. While we work to reduce our overall footprint in using natural materials in our products, we invest in funding carbon offset projects to help neutralize the rest. Along our pathway, we’ll also be measuring the CO2 emissions from our product and business operations materials, manufacturing, product use, and end of life.

How We Reduce, Offset It

Cariloha is tackling these unavoidable emissions by investing in offset projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation and energy efficiency. These projects prevent future carbon emissions and remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Carbon offset infographic. CO2 produced, Carbon offset projects, equals carbon neutral

Our Cariloha Carbon
Offset Projects

Cutting out all carbon emissions without any offsetting is our ultimate goal. And, until we get there, we’re holding ourselves accountable and working with the Bamboo Nation to offset what’s left over, further helping to save the world in comfortable, eco-conscious ways. Our carbon credits provide crucial funding that allows projects to continue thriving while making our products more carbon neutral from ‘seed to shelf’.

Land Reforestation

This project takes degraded land owned by small scale farmers and supports soil restoration and replanting with trees.

Wind Power

A wind power plant in Turkey, with a generation capacity of 16MW. Reduction of 31,000 tons of carbon emissions annually.

Solar Power

This project provides local residents in rural areas to switch to solar cookers in place of coal powered cookstoves.