Bamboo Fit
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Women's Bamboo Fit

At Cariloha, we offer a range of bamboo yoga clothing that feature flexibility, breathability and versatility. Choose from an assortment of items, including yoga tanks, racerback tanks, athletic v-necks, athletic pants, headbands, hoodies, and more. Getting fit is always more enjoyable when you’re comfortable, and bamboo clothing is softer than cotton, wicks away moisture, and will, on average, keep you 3 degrees cooler than cotton. Our workout clothing is also odor resistant, as bamboo contains naturally occurring properties that repel odors and allergens, keeping you smelling fresher, longer. These clothes are easy to care for, and you can wash them repeatedly without ruining the color, shape, or beneficial characteristics.

Organic Yoga Clothing

Bamboo has brought something new to fitness and yoga clothes, and we make it easy to find the items that perfectly match your style. Bamboo organic yoga clothing is made from our proprietary blend of organic cotton and carefully harvested bamboo. This is a very sustainable resource that grows back quickly. Bamboo is good for the environment and perfect for athletic clothing.Take a look at our wide selection of clothing and accessories and find the cute, fun, cool, and refreshing items that will make your next workout that much more enjoyable.