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Thank you for your service!

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Sitewide savings for Active Military, Veterans, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers, and Government Employees.

Supporting those Who
Make a Difference!

Our heroic nurses, doctors, first responders, teachers, veterans, and military men and women make a difference in all our lives every day, and we want to give them the opportunity to feel the difference of Cariloha’s comfortable, sustainable bamboo in their lives with 15% off their order at

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How It Works

Simply add any products to your cart and, on the shopping cart page, verify your eligibility by logging into your account. Once verified, the discount will apply automatically.


A service that verifies your identity and affiliation with various groups.

Visit to register for an account. Please contact the Support team if you have questions with your eligibility or with difficulty accessing your account.

The following groups are eligible for the discount:

Troop ID

  • Active Duty
  • Inactive Reserves
  • National Guard
  • Veterans
  • Retirees

First Responder ID – You are eligible for First Responder ID if any of the below segments apply to you (active or retired):

  • Police Officer
  • Sheriff
  • State Trooper
  • Firefighter
  • Veterans
  • Retirees


  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (PN/LPN)
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
  • Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Certified Nurse Practitioner


  • Certified Teacher
  • Certified Teacher Aide
  • Certified Teaching Assistant
  • Certified Educational Assistant
  • Lifetime Teaching Credential Holders
  • College/University Professors
  • Speech Pathologists
  • School Administration

Government Employees

  • Federal Government Employees
  • State Government Employees
  • Local Government Employees

Your discount may not be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

Once you login to your account on the Cart page, the discount will be applied automatically. You don’t need a promo code to get the discount.