Classic Bamboo Pillowcase Set

Made of Viscose from Bamboo

The classic bamboo pillowcases naturally wick away moisture, repel odors and allergens, and feature a beautiful twill weave finish giving you the best in quality and comfort. Standard: 20” x 28”, King: 20” x 36”.

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Product Overview

It’s time to take your sleep a little more seriously and bring even more comfort into your life. Our soft, sustainable viscose-from-bamboo fabric provides you with the softest bedding on the planet. Once your head hits this pillowcase, you’ll do nothing but relax and fall fast asleep.

Each pillowcase is made of irresistibly soft viscose from bamboo and engineered for a post-wash, standard-sized fit. Our unique fiber gauge creates an ideal shrinking that takes place after washing, so they fit nice and snug. It’s also what makes them even softer against your skin.  Guaranteed to sleep cool, clean and comfortable, bamboo viscose is naturally 3 degrees cooler than cotton and has allergy and odor-resistant properties. Each set includes two pillowcases.

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