Why Bamboo Towels?



Twice as soft as cotton  



Cooler than Cotton  



Odor Resistant  



Renewable Resource  

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The Perfect Bamboo Towels

highly absorbent

Highly Absorbent
Bamboo towels contains moisture-wicking properties that help to absorb water faster and leave you feeling fresher, longer.

odor resistance

Odor Resistance
Unlike 100% cotton towels that begin to smell of mildew after only a few uses, bamboo towels breathe easier, smell cleaner, and stay fresher for much longer.

smart care

Smart Care
Made with meticulous care, being sensitive to every detail, our bamboo towels can be laundered regularly and continued use will only make them softer and comfier.

bamboo features

Our Bamboo Process

Who Loves These Towels?

"I love everything about these bath sheets. I will not use anything else." - Tanna M.

"Absolutely love the bath sheets. Received them quickly and in excellent condition. Will be buying more for family members."- L.B.

"It takes just a few times to make you realize how nice it is to dry your body with bamboo bath towels. Your skin isn’t roughed off, but left dry and smooth. Great after washing as well."- Merlin B.

"I just love these towels. I have replaced all the towels in my home now and will never use regular towels again. So soft!!!"- LeAnn W.

"This towel wrapped around me feels like the best hug ever. It’s super soft and feels like a dream. Enjoy!" - Karin S.


Shop All Towels

(Starting at $39)

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