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  1. Cariloha gel pillow
    Cariloha Gel Pillow

    Made of Viscose from Bamboo

    Starting at $109.00
  2. Cariloha retreat pillow
    Cariloha Retreat Pillow

    Made of Viscose from Bamboo

    Starting at $129.00
  3. Cariloha flex pillow
    Cariloha Flex Pillow

    Made of Viscose from Bamboo

    Starting at $99.00
  4. Cariloha air pillow
    Cariloha Air Pillow

    Made of Viscose from Bamboo

    Starting at $89.00
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Experience our uniquely beneficial bamboo pillows featuring innovative technology that makes each pillow even more comfortable. Our collection of bamboo pillows is meticulously designed to deliver the best in natural luxury because each one is made of luxuriously soft bamboo. Enjoy a heavenly night’s sleep on the best bamboo pillow – rated at the top of review sites. Our bamboo fabrics and bamboo memory foam pillows elevate your sleep to a whole new level of comfort – not too hard, not too soft, just right! You can easily feel the bamboo-soft™ difference for yourself.


Our bamboo charcoal memory foam pillows are naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and luxuriously soft. Each pillow features medium firmness to retain its shape and alleviate pressure. Depending on the pillow style, you’ll enjoy resort-quality features, including three luxuriously plush layers for superior comfort, a cooling gel-top layer for exceptional cooling qualities, or air-flow perforation to optimize sleep temperature and comfort. Bamboo is one of the most breathable, sustainable fabrics on the planet. The airflow perforation in our bamboo memory foam pillows reduces the build-up of warm air and helps moisture evaporate, cooling your face and neck as you sleep. Because our pillows can keep you three degrees cooler than other fabrics, you’ll always be at the optimal sleep temperature.


Bamboo’s anti-microbial and odor-resistant properties make it a phenomenal material for pillows. It blocks unwanted odors and wicks away moisture, so your bamboo pillow always feels fresh and clean. But, when it’s time to throw your pillow covers in the laundry machine, they’re easy to remove and wash. Our bamboo memory foam pillow also includes hypoallergenic materials, so it can be enjoyed by those with sensitive skin.