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Cariloha offers owners the opportunity to operate their business from afar through its world-class Absentee Ownership Program. Drawing from our Executive Manager (see details below) pool, we train and staff Cariloha stores all over the world with experienced, motivated managers to oversee daily store operations; including inventory management, merchandising, sales training, marketing and promotions.


Executive managers work directly with Cariloha absentee owners and with Cariloha headquarters during their management experience. Managers will also assist owners with general operations of the store. Absentee owners enjoy a program that’s customized to their needs – we can manage for a short period of time until local management is identified, or for a long-term assessment.


o A number of stores are currently operated by absentee owners.

o Absentee owners can either find their own management and staff or use our Executive Management Program.

o Maintain your current employment.

o Ability to open anywhere in the country or world.

o Remain actively involved in your business by traveling, using company intranet, etc…Compensation, Duration & Benefits

o Cariloha recruits, hires and trains both managers and sales staff (interns)

o Flat monthly fee

o Cariloha Corporate pays for flights, housing, utilities, bonuses, wages


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Executive Managers have successfully managed million-dollar operations for our company, allowing owners to own and operate a store out of state or out of country. Some of our highest volume U.S. and international stores are managed by absentee owners.

Additional company and executive management information is available online at You can also e-mail us at [email protected], or call us toll-free at 800.884.5815.

“[Cariloha] selected and trained managers that are far better than the retail employees I would be able to hire on my own, which made the experience of opening a store and being an absentee owner simple and enjoyable. I did not have to be concerned about recruiting, training, benefits or turnover that normally impacts small businesses.” Absentee Owner in Florida.

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