Why Bamboo Socks?



Twice as soft as cotton  



Cooler than Cotton  



Odor Resistant  



Renewable Resource  


The Perfect Pair Of Socks

highly absorbent

Highly Absorbent
Bamboo socks contain natural moisture-wicking properties that help absorb moisture faster, leaving your feet feeling cooler and comfier during your favorite activities.

odor resistance

Odor Resistance
Cariloha’s socks are also odor and allergy resistant thanks to bamboo’s naturally occurring properties that these unwelcome irritants, keeping your feet smelling fresher, longer.

smart care

Smart Care
Made with meticulous care, being sensitive to every detail, our bamboo socks can be laundered regularly and continued use will only make them softer and comfier.

socks features


Our Bamboo Process

Who Loves These Socks?

"I love these socks and hope to grow my collection. I work on my feet all day and they are the most comfortable to wear. They are SO soft." - Danielle A.

"Love these! My husband and I both have these and they are great. No sweating when wearing these. Highly recommend."- Susan M.

"I bought several pairs of the trouser socks for my husband and just LOVES them! He said it feels as if he's not even wearing socks! They are so soft and extremely comfortable!"- Andrea G.

"These socks are great, I mean great! They fit well, breath, and machine wash and dry. I bought 3 pair and wear a pair every day for the gym. Had them almost 4 months and absolutely no problem."- Ellen R.

"My husband loves these socks. In fact it's the only brand he will wear now. He loves how soft they are!" - Cherise F.


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