Why Bamboo Blankets are the Best

We get it. We’re biased toward our blankets being the best. However, we’re not fans because we’re blind to other blankets, we’re fans because we’ve tested and experienced so much of everything else that nothing compares to the luxury softness and natural benefits of our bamboo-viscose throw blankets.

All the same, you don’t have to take our word for it. Let what Southern Krazed recently had to say about our throw blankets (made of viscose from bamboo) help you decide for yourself:

OH MY! Those are the words that will come to mind when you feel this blanket from Cariloha. The Bamboo Throw Blanket is the softest, plushest, and warmest blanket that I’ve ever had my hands on! But, the best thing about this blanket is that it’s made out of BAMBOO [viscose]!

Yes, this blanket is a step in the right direction toward being green! Did you know that bamboo is twice as soft as cotton, 3 degrees cooler than cotton, and it also keeps the moisture away from your skin? In addition, it is also hypoallergenic!

Bamboo products are a favorite of mine and Cariloha is a favorite place to find them!

Let’s just say, I hoard my bamboo throw blanket! Well, at least I do for me and a pup or two. Snuggling under it’s plushy softness truly is a delight! While it feels lightweight, it has an added quilt batting on the interior to provide a natural weight. It’s hard to explain, but it is lightweight while being warm and comfortable at the same time. It’s great for year-round use, too! I am one of those who gets chilled under the air conditioner in the summer time and freezes in the winter. I use my bamboo blanket for snuggling on the couch and even napping. It is a generous 50″ x 70″, which stretches the whole length of the couch and wraps me in it’s cushiony softness.

It has a luxurious soft pile on one side, with velvety softness on the other side. It’s simply soft whichever side you use! I am becoming like Linus, the Charlie Brown character, carrying my blanket from chair to couch to bed!

All that carrying around, and with the pups rolling around on it too, it gets dirty quite often. No worries! It is conveniently machine washable in cold water and, to dry it, I simply toss it in the dryer on low. Even after multiple washings, mine is as soft and fluffy as it was when it was new!

I can’t stress enough how amazing the Cariloha Bamboo Throw Blanket is! At my age, I have owned a multitude of throws and blankets, but my bamboo throw blanket has to be the softest and most luxurious blanket I have ever owned! No more itchy, scratchy, or rough throw blankets for me! Now, if you will excuse me, my soft bamboo blanket is calling me to curl up and watch my favorite movie!

There you go! Now, it’s your turn to test out a Cariloha blanket on your own if you haven’t already. If you have, share your opinion in the comments.