Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo Bath Linen

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When you step out of the shower or bath, it’s one of life’s little pleasures to have a super-soft towel on hand to wrap around your body and dry you off quickly. Bath towels made of bamboo fabric are luxuriously soft and extremely absorbent, which is why so many people are making the switch to bamboo bath towels and linens.

When you step out of the shower or bath, it’s one of life’s little pleasures to have a super-soft towel on hand to wrap around your body and dry you off quickly. Bath towels made of bamboo fabric are luxuriously soft and extremely absorbent, which is why so many people are making the switch to bamboo bath towels and linens.

Consumer Disclaimer: Cariloha Bamboo™ fabrics are made of viscose from bamboo.

What is bamboo bath linen?

If you’ve been shopping for bathroom towels, you might have seen advertisements for bamboo bath towels and wondered “What is bamboo bath linen?” Bamboo bath linen includes towels, bath sheets, washcloths, a bath mat, hand towels for the bathroom that are made of bamboo. Yes, those tall green stalks of bamboo can be turned into the most luxurious soft, fluffy towels.

The process of turning bamboo into bath linen includes harvesting, soaking, and milling bamboo stalks. Then, the bamboo is made into a thread that can be sewed into buttery soft bamboo towels, washcloths, or bathrobes. Bamboo bath linen is known for being soft, durable, and extra absorbent.

Bamboo is also a sustainable material, which is another reason it has been trending in recent years. The plant requires very little water to grow, and it matures quickly. The production process is closed-loop, which means that resources are reused and recycled. Bamboo fabric can be used for many different items, including clothing and bed sheets.

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Benefits of bath towels and other bath linen

Bamboo fabric is in demand because of its unique qualities. Its softness has been likened to cashmere, while being 40% more absorbent than the highest quality cotton. Bamboo bathroom towels and linen have many pros. When reading reviews on bamboo towels, it becomes apparent that people rarely regret buying bamboo towels.

They soak up water quickly

One of the most important qualities of bath towels is absorbency. You need a high-quality bathroom towel that dries you off quickly and completely. Bamboo fabric is four times more absorbent than cotton, so it can easily remove water from your skin.

When you buy a bamboo bath towel, you don’t have to worry about reaching for a towel only to find it damp. After you hang your bamboo towel up to dry, it will dry quickly. Bamboo’s fast-drying quality is important for hand towels as well.

They are hygienic

One of the most unique properties of bamboo fabric is that it is antibacterial. Bamboo prevents the growth of bacteria, which means that your bamboo bath towels won’t hold onto bad odors. This is because bamboo has a natural bioagent called bamboo kun. Bamboo kun prohibits bacteria from growing and flourishing.

This antibacterial property means that your towels won’t grow mold or mildew. Plus, because they don’t hold onto unpleasant odors or bacteria, you don’t have to wash your bamboo bathroom hand and body towels as often. Unlike damp towels made of other fabrics, bamboo never smells.

They are soft and comfortable

Bamboo is extremely soft, all the way down to its individual fibers. Towels and bath linen made of bamboo are as comfortable as a blanket, but are also breathable. The luxurious softness of bamboo bath towels will make you never want to choose another type of towel. When guests use your hand towels after using the bathroom, it’s almost a guarantee that they will comment about how soft your towels are.

They are hypoallergenic

Bamboo fabric can be enjoyed by those with a skin allergy or other form of sensitive skin. The fibers are soft on the skin and don’t irritate it as other fabrics can. Those with sensitive skin can enjoy clean, fresh towels without walking away with red, itchy skin.

They are durable

Bamboo is a tough fabric. It does not tear easily, so you don’t have to be extremely cautious when handling bamboo towels. Bamboo towels and hand towels for the bathroom are easy to wash and care for.

If your bamboo towel does snag or have a loose thread, simply snip off the loose thread. The rest of the towel won’t fray or tear. You can trust that your towel will maintain its shape and its properties after a lot of use.

They are available in a range of colors

High-quality bath towels can be purchased in multiple different colors. Bamboo fabric is easy to dye, so there are usually lots of types of bath towel colors available. Find one that matches your bathroom’s decor.

Cons of bamboo bath towels

With all of the amazing benefits of bamboo bath towels, there has to be a downside, right? One of the main cons of bamboo towels is that they tend to be more expensive than cotton towels. The price typically varies depending on the manufacturer. When you buy soft bamboo towels, you are paying for high-quality towels that will last for a long time.

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How to choose bamboo bath linen

When it’s time for new bath towels, many people aren’t even sure where to look. Overwhelmed by the options and different types of towels, they might just choose something that looks nice and soft. But a little research can go a long way when choosing new bath towels. You use hand towels for the bathroom and bath towels every day, so you want something that will meet your needs and continue to look good after using them often.

Before you begin shopping, consider what type of towel you want. These answers will help narrow down your decision between all the different types of towels, ensuring you find the perfect bath towels and linen for your needs. Use this bath towel buying guide to help you make the right choice when purchasing new towels.

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What size towel do you prefer?

There are a few typical bath towel sizes you can expect. Determine which ones you prefer and need for your bathroom.

  • Standard bath towel: 27-30” x 52-56”
  • Bath sheet: 35-40” x 60-70”
  • Hand towel: 16” x 30”
  • Washcloth: 13” x 13”

The most important decision is whether you want a standard bath towel or a bath sheet. Bath sheets are bigger than bath towels. If your morning routine includes wrapping your towel around your bodies or hair while getting ready, you might want a bath sheet. However, some people prefer smaller, lighter bath towels. Both are great at absorbing water and drying quickly.

Hand towels for the bathroom are usually hung on the wall and used to dry hands after washing them. Washcloths can be used for drying the face, hands, feet, or body. They can be used in and out of the bath or shower.

If you want all of your towels to match in your bathroom, then you can order a bath towel set that has all the towels you need.

How heavy do you want your towels to be?

The weight of bath towels is measured in grams per square meter, or GSM. Towel density is typically between 300 and 900 GSM. Towels with a smaller GSM are lighter and thinner, while those on the high end are thicker and more luxurious.

Heavier towels might take more time to dry, but they are also more comfortable. Most bath towel buying guides recommend that your towel should be in the middle range of the GSM scale, about 600 or 700 GSM.

What color do you want your towels to be?

There is no limit to the colors bamboo towels are available in. You’ll be able to find bath towels that complement the existing colors and decor in your bathroom. Your luxurious bamboo bath towels will look superb when selected to complement the color and tone of your walls, counters, drawers, and any other decor and artwork.

You should also keep in mind that dirt and stains will be more visible on light-colored towels than dark-colored ones like dark gray and brown.

Read bamboo towel reviews

Once you’ve answered all of those questions, you can start shopping for a new bamboo bath towel. You should read reviews of the bamboo bath towels to make sure the quality of the towel will meet your expectations. If you do research before you order your new towels, you will be satisfied and won’t have to purchase new towels for a while.

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How to choose bamboo bathrobes

If you prefer to use a bathrobe to dry off after your shower, then you want to find one that is comfortable and absorbent. Bathrobes can keep you warm, and can be used to cozy up in when it’s cold outside. There are a few different decisions you need to make before you begin the shopping process for your bathrobe.

Which style do you prefer?

Like bamboo bathroom towels, bamboo bathrobes come in a range of styles and weights. Some are light and thin, while others are thick and more absorbent. The best thickness and weight depends on what you plan to use your bamboo bathrobe for. Do you use it to dry off after a bath, or do you just like to lounge in it in the mornings?

As you look at different bathrobe styles, you also need to determine whether you want a short robe or a long one. You can choose between:

  • Knee-length
  • Calf-length
  • Ankle-length

The length of your bathrobe depends on personal preference.

Finally, you will need to select the size of your bamboo bathrobe. You should select one size bigger than your normal size. This will ensure you are comfortable and covered by your robe.

Which features are a must?

Do you really like pockets? Do you only want a bathrobe with a hood? Determine which features are a necessity for you. This will help you make a decision you are happy with. Bathrobes come in various styles, and features can include a shawl collar and turn-back cuffs. The little details can make all the difference in comfort.

Read reviews on the bamboo bathrobes before making your final purchase. You want a bathrobe that is soft and comfortable, but also does a good job at soaking up the water on your body.

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How to clean and care for your bamboo bath linen

Bamboo bath towels and linen are easy to care for. Because of their antibacterial properties, they don’t need to be washed too frequently. But, when it is time to wash them, there are some steps you can take to make sure the bamboo fabric retains its signature qualities.

Tips for washing

The best way to care for your bamboo linen is to wash it in warm water on a gentle cycle. Hot water should not be used because the high temperatures can shrink the fabric. You should use mild detergent, but not bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softener can damage the properties of your bamboo towels.

Check the manufacturer’s tag for any further washing instructions. Different types of towels may come with different washing recommendations.

When it’s time to dry, air drying is the best option for bamboo towels. The towels can be dried flat, on a drying rack, or outside in the sun. If you choose to put your bamboo linen in the dryer, put them on the lowest heat setting. Take them out right after they are finished drying so they don’t overdry and become too stiff. The towels will maintain their softness and durability after washing.

Tips for maintenance

Bamboo, like most fabrics, can be stained or bleached from chemical agents such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, hair dye, and some toothpastes. Keep your bamboo towels or linens away from these items in order to maintain your towel’s beautiful, bright colors. If you do get oils or stains from food on your towel, they can almost always be removed with mild detergent.

Bamboo is a very tough fabric, so it will most likely stand up to years of use without getting tears or snags or losing its color. If there is a loose thread, you can snip it off without risking any damage to the towel. Store the bamboo towels in a cool, dry place. Your high-quality, soft bath towels will stay that way.

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Why you should buy bamboo bath linen from cariloha?

Every Cariloha product is marked by quality. Our bamboo bath linens and towels are some of the best on the market. We use sustainable processes to create heavenly soft bamboo towels. Our moisture-wicking, odor-resistant products will look, feel, and perform like a dream, even after lots of use. We take care to make sure that every part of the bamboo textile process is sustainable. If you read our bamboo towel reviews, you’ll see just how much our customers love our bathroom products.

We carry a wide selection of bamboo bathroom linen and towels, including washcloths, hand towels, regular bath towels, bath sheets, and bathrobes. We also carry many different color options, including a soft blush color and a stark onyx color. Whatever size towel or color you choose, we guarantee you will love it. Shop our full collection of bath linen and towels today.

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