Best Golf Apparel and Accessories Made from Bamboo

two men on a golf course wearing bamboo polos

Sustainability is a growing movement, and more and more businesses are joining in. If you’re a golfer, you’ll be pleased to know that even golf apparel companies are on the sustainability track.

Not every piece of golf equipment can be made with bamboo, but those that can are stylish, durable, and comfortable. Making the move to be more sustainable can be as good-looking and comfy as your old golf gear!

We’ll be reviewing some of the best golf apparel and accessories made from bamboo.

Why Bamboo?

The benefits of bamboo go far beyond comfort! It’s one of the most renewable resources on earth, and can even grow without the need for pesticide, making it very ozone-friendly.

It also regenerates naturally when cut, so it’s easier to grow with fewer resources. Can you believe some bamboo species can grow up to three feet in size every day?


Bamboo golf shirts look every bit as fashionable as those made from other fibers. In fact, you most likely wouldn’t know the difference just looking at them!

There are some noticeable benefits to wearing bamboo shirts on the golf course.

The fabric is very lightweight and breathable, and you’ll hardly notice it against your skin. Research indicates that a bamboo shirt is around 3 degrees cooler than cotton!

Bamboo fibers are also soft against the skin, so there’ll be less chafing or discomfort. You’ll be able to move freely and use your full range of motion comfortably.

Comfort is high, but so is practicality. The bamboo fabric is thermo-regulating, dries quickly, has UV-protection qualities, and is naturally anti-odor.

Everything you could need in a shirt to wear on the golf course!


Although the flexibility of a great pair of pants may not be as important as a flexible shirt for your golf swing, when you’re going to be walking around in them all day you want your pants to be as comfortable as possible.

Bamboo is known for being super soft. Wearing a pair of bamboo pants on a golf course could be more comfortable than any other fabric!

Thanks to their lightness, you also won’t feel weighed down as you walk or ride the course. Bamboo’s naturally thermo-regulating fibers will keep you breezy and if you do happen to sweat a little, these pants are quick-drying and anti-odor, so you really won’t need to worry in the slightest.


The socks you’re wearing can make or break your day on the golf course! Of course, we all have style preferences, but thanks to its amazing properties, bamboo makes a fantastic material for socks.

Being moisture-wicking and odor-free are important things for socks. Although golf shoes are fairly breathable (depending on the brand you get), the feet are still one of the parts of the body that can overheat easily.

Bamboo socks could be the one thing that revolutionizes your comfort during a golf game.


The smallest golf accessory is perhaps the most important – the tee. As good as a golfer may be, without a tee they wouldn’t quite be able to get the air on the ball that they need.

Tees are usually made from plastic or wood, but many of the latest tees to be manufactured are being crafted from bamboo. It’s strong and eco-friendly, so even if you do lose a few, you can rest assured it won’t be a problem.

Divot Repair Forks

Similarly to tees, these little tools are being manufactured from bamboo in order to make strong, sustainable, and stylish equipment.

Not only do they have an eye-catching, natural wood look, but they’re far more environmentally-friendly than those made of other materials.

Sustainability isn’t just the latest trend. It’s a healthy, eco-friendly movement that’s gaining traction. If you’re keen to be a part of it, making the move to bamboo golf wear is not only a step towards a greener planet, but it’s also a step towards being more comfortable, cool, and fashionable out on the course!