Benefits Of Bamboo Viscose Socks

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Although other articles of clothing are usually the ones to claim the spotlight, the value of high-quality socks should never be underestimated. Socks are some of the most underrated items on your body. Nearly any time you leave the house (and many times when you're just lounging at home), you'll often be wearing a pair.
Considering how often you wear them and the amount of time they spend on your feet for just a single use, it makes sense to wear socks made from quality materials that are well-suited to that part of the body. Bamboo-viscose fabric is an amazing material that is perfectly suited to keeping your feet feeling and looking their best.

Consumer Disclaimer: Cariloha Bamboo™ fabrics are made of viscose from bamboo.

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They're Durable

These socks are made for walking! Viscose-from-bamboo produces remarkably durable fibers that won't break or fray as quickly as lesser fabrics. Your bamboo viscose socks from Cariloha will hold up to normal use with significantly less wear and tear than cotton socks.

They're Comfortable

Because of the safe and nontoxic chemicals used to extract the bamboo fibers and make them into fabric, bamboo viscose fabrics are some of the softest that you're likely to encounter. Bamboo viscose fabric is twice as soft as cotton.

Bamboo-viscose is also highly absorbent as well as breathable. This allows your teeth to stay dry throughout the day, cutting down on excessive sweating and moisture, as well as the discomfort and odors that it causes. Add on top of this that viscose-from-bamboo is hypoallergenic, it's a no-brainer when it comes to comfort.

Feet are typically some of the most mistreated parts of the body, so why not treat your feet to the smoothness and comfort of Cariloha's bamboo viscose socks, and enjoy the smooth, cushioned feel of superior footwear?

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They inhibit bacteria

In nature, bamboo plants produce a substance called "bamboo kun". This chemical is antimicrobial and keeps the bamboo plant safe from infection. A small amount of this ability is diminished in processing the plant into bamboo viscose fabric, but the end product still inhibits bacterial growth more effectively than cotton and other fibers.
When it comes to socks, less bacteria is always a good idea. For too many people, bad-smelling feet are a problem for which they believe there is no solution. A dry, breathable, environment that inhibits bacteria is a perfect recipe to keep foot odor and skin problems at bay, and bamboo-viscose socks provide such an environment.

They're Sustainably Sourced

As the fastest growing plant in the world, which happens to regenerate naturally, a bamboo plant can continue producing for years, greatly reducing waste caused by over-harvesting. The complex root structure of bamboo holds soil in place, reducing erosion. Bamboo plants also naturally repel pests, rendering toxic pesticide sprays unnecessary — a win for the environment, as well as consumers of bamboo-based fabrics. And on top of all of this, Cariloha goes the extra mile to ensure that every step of our supply chain minimizes our carbon footprint.

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They're Stylish

Available in a variety of clever, fashionable designs, Cariloha's bamboo viscose socks not only feel great to wear — they also look great. From a variety of cuts and lengths including no-show, ankle, crew, and trouser, and dedicated designs for both men and women, you're sure to find a pair that suits your needs for any activity and makes you look great doing it!

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Experience the comfort and style of Cariloha's exquisite bamboo viscose socks for yourself. Say hello to stylish socks that keep you comfy, dry, and temperature-regulated no matter the season, and enjoy all the benefits with a clean conscience.

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