Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets: Which is Better?

gray towel on counter

Hanging up new bath towels is one of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up any bathroom. Here’s how you do it:

First, take some time (not too long) to choose the towels that will best meet your needs. Of course, you’ll need to figure out which colors you want and what fabric is best, not forgetting to include all the right sizes for your bathroom.

Ask yourself: Do I want a regular bath towel, or should I go for the larger bath sheet? The answer to this question brings us to the main point of this post:

What are the differences between a bath towel and a bath sheet?

The main difference between the two is size. Your typical, standard-size towel measures 30” x 56”, while a standard bath sheet measures 40” x 70”. The bath sheet is noticeably much larger than the towel, but each towel can be used in its own unique way.

A bath towel is what you’ll often see in most bathrooms. It’s an average size that’s great to wrap around your kids after bath time, or to dry your body off and wrap your hair in after a relaxing shower. It’ll also hang nicely on most towel bars and racks. As for wrapping an adult’s body, a regular standard-sized bath towel tends to be on the smaller side.

A bath sheet is technically a bath towel, just bigger. For you, that means more absorbency and more towel fabric to wrap around your body. You’ll usually find a bath sheet hanging on a hook because their size tends to make them too long to hang on regular bars and racks. Also, a bath sheet’s size makes it a great substitute for a beach towel.

When buying a new towel, you need to determine how you want to use the towel. If you’re looking for something simple to just hang in your bathroom, then a regular bath towel is a good choice. But, if you’re looking for more coverage to wrap yourself in, then a bath sheet would be the way to go.


Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets