How to Choose Bamboo Bathrobes

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Wrapping up in a soft, fluffy blanket is one of life’s happy little comforts. One step further, however, is to be draped in a luscious, viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe. These bathrobes are made of extremely soft fabric that are the ultimate in warmth and coziness when you really want to feel relaxed. To enjoy the unparalleled comfort of a viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe, simply choose your ideal fit one from the range of styles that are available.

From the benefits of bamboo viscose fabric to picking the color, style, and length, Cariloha is here to help you choose the right viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe, and all the information you need can be found below.

Consumer Disclaimer: Cariloha Bamboo™ fabrics are made of viscose from bamboo.

Benefits of Choosing Viscose-from-Bamboo Bathrobe Material

You have many fabric options to choose from when picking out a bathrobe, but viscose-from-bamboo fabric material is better than all the rest. Check out the benefits of choosing a bamboo viscose bathrobe.

  • Stronger — Viscose from bamboo is one of the strongest, most durable fabrics you can buy. This fabric is actually stronger and more durable than cotton, making it more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Extremely soft — When you choose a viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe, you’re getting one of the softest robes available. Viscose-from-bamboo fabric is twice as soft as the softest cotton, so it’s extremely comfortable against your skin.
  • Breathable — Viscose-from-bamboo fabric is designed with micro-gaps in the fibers to promote ventilation. This means you feel warmer and more comfortable when using your bamboo viscose bathrobe.
  • More absorbent — The bamboo plant can take in three times its weight in water, and that property transfers to bamboo fabrics as well. Your bamboo viscose bathrobe quickly and efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin, getting you drier faster.
  • Hypoallergenic — Bamboo is a naturally hypoallergenic plant and so is viscose-from-bamboo fabric. There’s no worries about your bamboo viscose bathrobe causing any skin irritation or rashes.
  • Odor Resistant — Unlike regular cotton or terry cloth fabrics that trap odor-causing bacteria, bamboo viscose fabric is naturally antimicrobial to help prevent it from smelling musty over time.
  • Low maintenance — Since viscose-from-bamboo fabric doesn’t harbor musty smells, it doesn’t have to be washed as often. This means your bamboo viscose bathrobe will last longer and, if it is colored fabric, the vibrant hue won’t fade as fast.
  • UV-resistant — If you want to enjoy wearing your viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe by the pool, you’re in luck. Viscose-from-bamboo fabric is UV-resistant and can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
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Bathrobe Color

A stylish bathroom typically has an interior design scheme that highlights one or two colors. So, when choosing a bathrobe, you’ll probably want to choose one that matches your design. You’re in luck, because viscose-from-bamboo bathrobes come in a variety of colors, meaning you can buy one that perfectly complements the rest of the bathroom design.

Is a colorful bathrobe not your style? A white viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe is a classic look and fits easily with your current bathroom scheme.

Bathrobe Style

Viscose-from-bamboo bathrobes come in different styles, depending on what you’re looking for. The following style options are perfect for both men and women, and each has its own comfort benefits.


Kimono style bamboo viscose bathrobes feature flat, non-collar necklines and shorter sleeves. Kimono-type bathrobes are often seen as multi-functional, with people using these robes after showering, while lounging by the pool, or while hanging out around the house.

Shawl Collar

A shawl collar is made with thicker, folded over fabric to mimic the look of a shawl being wrapped around the neck. This type of collar gives a more elegant look to a viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe and creates a more cozy feeling for the wearer.


Hooded bathrobes have an attached hood that can be used to help dry hair faster. Additionally, a hooded bathrobe provides additional warmth after a shower, so you’ll feel cozy and comfortable when you wear your robe.

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Bathrobe Length

Just as you can choose the style and color of your bamboo viscose bathrobe, you can also choose the length. There are three bathrobe lengths you can choose from: full length, knee length, and thigh length.

Full-Length Bamboo Viscose Bathrobe

A full-length bathrobe, also known as an ankle-length bathrobe, hits just at or slightly above the ankle. People tend to prefer these longer bathrobes because the extra length allows for more absorbency, faster drying, and better heat retention after a shower.

Knee-Length Bamboo Viscose Bathrobe

Knee-length bathrobes fall at or just above the knee and are most used during summer months, at the spa, or as a pool coverup. Knee-length bathrobes help keep wearers cooler and allow for more airflow and breathability.

Thigh-Length Bamboo Viscose Bathrobe

Thigh-length bathrobes are the shortest, flirtiest, and most stylish robe option. This robe length is usually reserved for women and is more often used as a nighttime fashion statement instead of drying off after a shower.

Bathrobe Weight

Typical bathrobes weigh between three and five pounds, but there are many factors that can change the weight of your bathrobe. These factors include:

  • Fabric type — Bamboo viscose is considered a linen and is a lightweight fabric that decreases the overall weight of the bathrobe.
  • Wet-dry condition — Since bamboo viscose can hold up to three times its weight in water, it may feel heavier if it is completely saturated with water. However, since bamboo viscose fabric has micro-gaps in it, it dries faster and won’t feel extra heavy.
  • Design style — A bamboo viscose bathrobe with extra fabric, like a hood or a shawl collar, may have more weight to it than other design options.
  • Size — A thigh-length bathrobe is going to weigh less than an ankle-length bathrobe simply because there is less fabric.

In general, bamboo viscose fabric creates light, comfortable bathrobes that weigh about four pounds.

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Caring for Your Bathrobe

A viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe requires little maintenance to keep it in top shape. Here are a few tips for caring for your bamboo viscose bathrobe:

  • Wash in warm water; hot water can shrink the fabric
  • Use the gentle cycle
  • Add mild detergent, but never bleach or fabric softener
  • Air dry the robe to maintain softness and durability

Buy a Viscose-from-Bamboo Bathrobe Today

When you’re looking for a soft, durable, long-lasting bathrobe, a viscose-from-bamboo bathrobe is the answer. These bathrobes offer superior comfort, elegant style, and unmatched durability. Choose the color, style, and length that is right for your bathrobe needs and enjoy the softest, most breathable bathrobe around.

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