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Aaron Hobson, Cariloha Executive VP of Marketing, shared some simple ways to get better sleep at night. Featured on Fox's The Place.


How CEO and founder Jeff Pedersen "created an in-store experience that appeal's to people's senses. 'Turn and exit the ordinary and enter the extraordinary world of a state of continuous bamboo bliss.'"


"Employees said they loved wearing these socks that are really colorful and add personality. So we made a line of socks to appease that group, and they've become really popular in our stores."


Cariloha’s bamboo goods also have a soft, silky feel and antimicrobial qualities which make it a great choice for bath products.


"Cariloha has made a name for itself when it comes to its recognizable bedding, but also of interest is its new fitness-oriented clothing line."

Organic Spa

"if you should find yourself in the Caribbean any time soon, or if you’re just dreaming about going on a trip, check out one of Cariloha’s stores."

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