Bamboo Qualities

It's the softest, coolest, most renewable resource on the planet!

Bamboo is largely considered a woody plant; however, it's really a true grass. It can be found in many parts of the world but is primarily grown in East Asia and South East Asia, where it’s used for everything from building materials to food sources! Cariloha Bamboo™ fabrics are made from a special blend of viscose from bamboo. Bamboo's soft, silky feel, its ability to take colors well and its breathability are designed to appeal to those who seek the very best in natural luxury. It's so soft you can actually feel the bamboo softness for yourself.


Cariloha Bamboo shirts are twice as soft as cotton! Only you can be the judge of that. So, put it to the test - we guarantee that you can feel the difference. Feather beds, satin sheets and bamboo shirts must all be in the same family, getting together to make soft talk, jesting about who is softer on a scale of 1 to 10 - of course, bamboo, being green AND soft, wins out as a 10 every time.


Cariloha Bamboo helps you stay cool! Literally and figuratively. It's 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from your body. Now you can relax, as our moisture-wicking, breezy bamboo helps you chill out. Natural Insulator - Not only does Cariloha bamboo keep you cool, but it also acts as a natural insulator, helping you stay warm or cool no matter the season or environment.


Bamboo is naturally odor-resistant and hypoallergenic. Cariloha bamboo is a welcome respite from any skin irritation or allergies that can flare up with other chemically protected fabrics. 'B-O-Be-Gone' is bamboo's marching beat - so whether you're a germ-a-phobe or not, we can all feel safer and breathe easier with bamboo watching our backs.


Bamboo saves more trees, regenerates naturally and is one of the most eco-friendly resources on the planet! It keeps our soil stronger, our air cleaner and our environment healthier than anything else, making it the "loving stalk" of the world. Some species of bamboo, at maturity, will grow up to 4 ft. every day!