How Bamboo Clothing Makes Going Back to School Easier

So, you’re back in school again, or your kids are back in school, and you either love it or hate it.

Growing up in my household, we were, for the most part, on the love-it side of going back to school. Both me and my parents loved the school season from September through May. They loved it for their reasons and me for mine. Don’t get me wrong, we played hard during the summer months, but there were days in late August that I would truthfully beg my parents to drive me over to the elementary school to let me just open the front doors and smell the school hallways. Nostalgic and entrancing for me. Weird and torturous for others. I get that.

A lot of things made me feel the way I did (do) about going back to school, but one thing in particular that made me feel so anxious was the prospect of getting a new set of duds (clothes) to start the school year. New pants, new shoes, new shirts, new backpack, new socks, etc. My mother wouldn’t let me wear these clothes until the first day of school, which was hard to endure. So days before school started, I would open my closet and dresser drawers just to stare, smell and daydream about my new clothes. Then, the night before the first day back (I’m sure you all did this), I would labor over which outfit to wear and set out. I thought I had the perfect T&C Shirt and Gerbeau jeans all picked out days in advance, but it was never that easy. Should I wear Guess, Levis or Gerbeau? All the kids would be wearing them. Which one would make me fit in and feel more comfortable…?

Sure, more unique, ‘cooler’ options could have made it a little easier. Because honestly, not many kids resist trying to feel cool, be cool, and look cool. Bamboo clothing would have been a good choice for me. Kids and parents are so lucky these days. They can choose from a huge variety of bamboo clothing made by Cariloha. No more sweating it out in class. Just relax in Cariloha’s 3-degree cooler and twice-as-soft-as-cotton fabrics.

Obvious recommendations for you…

1. Bamboo Shirts

2. Bamboo Hats

3. Bamboo Socks

My guess is that you’re probably back in school at this point. But, if you’re not quite settling it, why not put some bamboo clothing to the test. See if it calms you down and makes you stand out as the new cool kid in class. What’s your opinion? Has bamboo clothing worked for you? Does it make a great conversation piece?