Embrace Your Inner Yogi with Bamboo Fit


Bamboo Fit is a unique range of yoga apparel including pants, tank tops, sports bras, jackets, and V-neck tops. Each garment is carefully created using bamboo, a material with special qualities that’s ideally suited for this type of exercise. Read on to discover why Bamboo Fit can help you discover your inner yogi.

Apparel is Naturally Soft

The first thing that most consumers notice about clothing made from bamboo is how incredibly soft it feels. Many people say it’s similar to the way that cashmere or silk feels against their skin. That’s because bamboo fibers have a naturally rounded surface, so they’re not abrasive to the touch. It makes bamboo garments incredibly comfortable to wear, especially for people who have sensitive skin and allergies.

Wick Moisture Away


Fabric made from bamboo is naturally absorbent, so it’s the ideal material for yoga clothes. Whenever you start sweating, from a big workout or the heat of a Bikram class, the material of your Bamboo Fit clothes will wick away the extra moisture from your skin. This natural benefit will make you feel much fresher while you’re working out.

Products Feel Comfortable All Year Round


The unique properties of bamboo make this material ideal for year round yoga practice. The cloth has miniscule spaces in the weave that allow it to breathe. This means you’ll feel cooler when you wear it, even when your Bikram instructor turns up the heat. On the flipside, bamboo is an excellent insulator so you’ll feel cozy wearing your Bamboo Fit clothes even during a winter yoga session.

UV Resistant

Yoga classes on the beach are no problem either when you’re wearing Bamboo Fit apparel. Bamboo has been proven to block around 98 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Along with your sunscreen, bamboo will give you an extra layer of protection when you’re exercising outdoors.

Naturally Odor Resistant

The bamboo plant features a natural odor-resistant and hypoallergenic agent known as bamboo kun. These properties of the plant’s fibers are found to be present in bamboo clothing and accessories, so your Bamboo Fit clothes won’t grow nasty odors or attract unwanted allergens. That should give you extra peace of mind if you’re prone to leaving your gym clothes in your duffle bag after your yoga session.

Garments are Eco-Friendly


Yoga’s become a popular way to relieve stress and stay in shape, but this ancient art holds a deeper meaning that connects practitioners to nature. As they adopt the poses of animals and trees, and salute to the moon and sun, yogis find themselves reconnecting with the natural world. So it makes sense to invest in yoga apparel which works in harmony with the planet.

Bamboo canes can grow one meter every day, so harvesting it is a very sustainable practice. Its roots retain water and hold the soil together, so its presence actually improves the Earth. This contrasts with cotton, whose plants are destroyed during harvest, leaving the soil vulnerable to erosion and water run-off.

Bamboo also doesn’t need a lot of water to grow. Most of the world’s bamboo plantations get all they require from natural rainfall. Compare that to a cotton plantation, which can require up to 20,000 liters of water to cultivate just a kilogram of fabric.

If you hate chemicals, you will love bamboo. This crop doesn’t attract pests or diseases, so farmers don’t need to resort to nasty sprays. In contrast, cotton farming uses 10 percent of the world’s pesticides and a quarter of its insecticides.

Whether you’re a yoga novice or a seasoned yogi, Bamboo Fit apparel can help you work out in comfort and style.