Bamboo Towels Feel like a Spa at Home

bamboo towels by cariloha

Cariloha Bamboo Towel Review
By Science of Couponing

When I first heard the word bamboo, immediately I envisioned a panda bear chewing on a green stock, however bamboo, as a fabric, is a far cry from its stock parent plant. The process of transforming bamboo stock into an eco-friendly fabric actually maintains all of the highly desirable characteristics including a texture similar to silk. I was given the opportunity to try out for review the Cariloha Bamboo towel set in chocolate as featured above, and I have to say it was hands down the nicest towels to ever embrace my skin. It was so nice I really didn’t want to share but, with something this soft and luxurious floating around, you know there was a battle between myself and the resident princess.

Well, obviously the princess was victorious in her endeavors to steal the towel, but very likely the true battle will be raging on throughout the seemingly long lifetime of this amazing quality towel. Let me tell you a bit about this towel set; it included one large bath towel, a hand towel and a wash cloth. One of the coolest features about this towel is the size of the bath towel. I am 5’11” and heavier than I’d like to admit, and this towel wrapped around me leaving all the bits covered comfortably, allowing for me to walk around in it. I get to feel like I’m at a spa at home. A couple candles and I am set for a luxurious night in the bath!