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Cariloha Bamboo-Lined Leather Handbag

Cariloha – a great site with a great selection of products made from bamboo.
Posted March 19, 2012 by Susan S. of Susan’s Disney Family Blog

Are you a handbag lover, well I sure am and I have found a wonderful place with a great selection of bamboo lined handbags. Cariloha, this is a great site with a great selection of products made from bamboo….

But Cariloha is more than just great handbags there are so many great items on the site, here are some of my favorites [she lists and shows several bamboo clothing styles – see the blog for pictures.]

My Review:
I was very fortunate to be able to review two purses from Cariloha

I have never been the Hawaii, or the Caribbean or any island for that matter (well Ocean City NJ is technically an island, but you know what I mean) they look like amazing places that would be a dream to visit. Perhaps that is why the Polynesian Disney hotel is where we love to go most, we just love the island atmosphere. I was very fortunate to be able to do a review for a wonderful company Cariloha. Their items are right up my alley with an island feel. Great items made of bamboo.
Cariloha Bamboo-Lined Leather Handbag

Well I am sure you are asking, “What makes bamboo special?” Well bamboo makes some of the softest fabrics it is amazing how soft and amazing bamboo fabric feels. And doesn’t every one want soft and amazing clothes and accessories?

The purses are very well made, the Hobo Brown bag is the classic must need bag this bag is a great size and has two small pockets, followed by a larger zippered pocket on the opposite side, there is plenty of room in this bag for all the essentials a mom could use. And I love that the lining is white! It is so nice to be able to see what is in my purse, so often the lining is dark and this makes it hard to see what I am trying to find in my purse.

Buckle flap brown, is such a trendy bag, the color is so very pretty I would say it is like a honey almond brown… it is a nice light brown that is unlike any brown bag I have ever had. I like how the bag flips open, making a quick search through your handbag easier. The lining is also white in this purse, I love it!

These will be great bags to bring with for our trip to Walt Disney World in May, the purses will hold all of my mommy essentials, snacks entertainment and tickets and of course my other essentials my phone, lip balm and much more.

If you are a handbag lover I highly recommend Cariloha, the bags are well made and are quality items. The bags even come with a travel bag; you can use this to store the purse when not in use. I am very impressed. And the prices are great too the prices range from $30 – $90.00 you just can’t beat the prices.

Thanks for a great review, Susan! Click here to read and see her entire blog post.