Why Bamboo?



Twice as soft as cotton  



Cooler than Cotton  



Odor Resistant  



Renewable Resource  


Our Bamboo Process

Who Loves Bamboo?

"Amazingly soft. They absorb fantastically and dry quickly. I love them and most of all they're gentle on my skin." - Mildred B.

"I have been thinking about purchasing these sheets for over a year and finally we did and i couldn't be any happier. I would definitely recommend their sheets!"- Michael R.

"Best Sheets ever! So worth it! My husband and I are completely obsessed with how soft these sheets are. The fact that they are moisture wicking is a bonus."- Christina

"Love this towel!! It's huge!! This is a wonderful, soft, thirsty towel to step in to after a shower! It really dries quickly and just feels great!"- Cherie F.

"So soft! Love, love, love these sheets. This is our 3rd set. Have retired all of the rest of our sheets in order to only sleep on our Cariloha sheets!!!!!" - Debbie P.


our dynamic fit line