Cariloha Travel Agency Rewards Programs

Many Travel Agents provide gifts to their top clients as a way to thank them, help them enjoy their vacation, and hopefully further a relationship. So why not provide something that people will really appreciate? Something that'll add to their vacation and make it better. Something they'll like and want to use over and over again. And, very likely something they will share pictures of with their friends.

Enter Cariloha Bamboo Vacation Rewards. 

Agencies can purchase Gift Cards – at a 20% discount from the Gift Card redeemable value – and also provide Discount Codes for clients. And agencies earn 10% commission on anything their clients’ purchase; so there's even the opportunity to profit from the program.

The different ways to use the program are:

  1. Buy your clients a Gift Card: Gift cards can be purchased in $50 increments. Travel Agencies get a 20% discount from redeemable value thus paying only $40 for a Gift Card redeemable online for $50.
  2. Get your client 10% off, and make 10% on anything your client purchases.

All purchases will be done on Travelers get to pick the luxury product they want (shirts, pants, socks, travel blankets, towels, etc.) as well as the colors and sizes.  Shipping is free on all orders over $100 and all details are carried on directly with Cariloha’s fantastic service.

To get started with the program please contact Lee Rosen.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 310-541-5314