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Bamboo Shorts for Men

At Cariloha, we offer a wide range of durable, fashionable fitness wear that can help you stay cool and look great. Our proprietary blend of bamboo and organic cotton creates a material that wicks moisture away from your body and fights odor. Our men’s training shorts are durable, breathable, and allergen-resistant. They’re perfect for hitting the gym, running around the neighborhood, or just relaxing at home. Our designs are focused on style and comfort, so whether you’re working out every day or unwinding after a long day, these shorts offer the simple comfort you want. Bamboo is twice as soft as cotton and can keep you an average of 3 degrees cooler. This versatile material is very strong and can stand up to a lot of activity. It feels great, looks great, and can be harvested cleanly, so we minimize our impact on the environment, too. At Cariloha, we’re committed to providing quality, fashionable fitness wear – whether you’re an exercise enthusiast or just looking for more comfortable options to wear around the house. These shorts are made to last, and they’re machine washable so they’re also easy to care for. Try out these shorts for yourself and discover why bamboo is becoming the “go-to” material for active wear.