Landon Gallant



Meet Landon

Landon has successfully completed two team runs across the USA, is an entrepreneur of seven businesses, a licensed massage therapist, an internationally practicing Sivananda Yoga Teacher, a published author, a former professional soccer player, an NBC Fear Factor Alum, and a highly commissioned international abstract painter. In partnership with Cariloha, he raised over $200,000 for Sarcoma Cancer families in his Miles 2 Give nonprofit foundation.

1. What’s your favorite Cariloha bamboo product?

Sheets + bamboo athletic ankle socks

2. What do you do for comfort?

Comfort is a lifestyle based on mindful living and intentional decision making. Comfort is a state of mind. A balanced mind reflects a comfortable and peaceful flow of life. Comfort is achieved through my daily practices of breath-work, meditation and yoga.

3. How do you contribute to eco-friendliness?

Understand the source of where your dollar goes. How is it made? Are workers treated fairly? Is the product tested on animals? Being conscious of where your dollar goes instills action that the youth will follow. Because the youth are the future.