Why Bamboo Underwear?



Twice as soft as cotton  



Cooler than Cotton  



Odor Resistant  



Renewable Resource  

The Perfect Pair of Underwear

looks great

Looks & Feels Great
Elegance, comfort and style are sewn together to create this undeniably attractive underwear collection, hallmarked by Cariloha’s signature softness and impassioned attention to detail.

odor resistance

Odor Resistance
Cariloha’s underwear is also odor and allergy resistant thanks to bamboo’s naturally occurring properties that repel any unwelcome irritants, keeping your assets smelling fresher, longer.

smart care

Smart Care
Made with meticulous care, being sensitive to every detail, our bamboo underwear can be laundered regularly and continued use will only make them softer and comfier.

underwear features

Our Bamboo Process

Who Loves This Underwear?

"These are amazing. I have been trying different bamboo underwear styles and brands and these are the best that I have found. They are thick and have good support. I like them so much I ordered five more pairs." - Richard B.

"It feels like I'm wearing a cloud! This is the best underwear I've ever worn in my LIFE!!"- Elena S.

"I have thrown all of my other briefs away. By far the most comfortable longest wearing men's undergarments I have ever found."- Michael G.

"These briefs are extremely comfortable just like the rest of the items Cariloha sells. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"- Nicholas A.

"Real comfort is hard to find. These briefs are the definition of comfort. They're my favorite!" - Michael S.


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