Why Bamboo Scarves?



Twice as soft as cotton  



Cooler than Cotton  



Odor Resistant  



Renewable Resource  

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The Perfect Infinity Scarf

looks great

Looks & Fits Great
Elegance, comfort and style are sewn together to create this undeniably attractive scarf collection, hallmarked by Cariloha’s signature softness and impassioned attention to detail.

odor resistance

Odor Resistance
Cariloha’s scarves are also odor and allergy resistant thanks to bamboo’s naturally occurring properties that repel any unwelcome irritants, keeping your apparel smelling fresher, longer.

smart care

Smart Care
Made with meticulous care, being sensitive to every detail, our bamboo scarves can be laundered regularly and continued use will only make them softer and comfier.

bamboo features

10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Who Loves These Scarves?

"Love this scarf!! It's not only beautiful, it's super duper soft! It was bought as a gift, but I may have to get one for me too!" - Amesha D.

"Favorite scarf ever! My daughter and I both have the gray striped one and we wear it constantly."- Peggy T.

"Loved them so much I bought two! I first bought a navy blue one and wore it all winter! When spring rolled around I bought a bright blue one that is perfect with t-shirts! They are so soft!"- Ann H.

"Incredibly soft and excellent quality. Awesome purchase. Will make more scarves in the future." - Aleasha M.

"Beautiful scarf. Just what I wanted. I give them five stars and can't wait to get more to match all my outfits." - Esther Z.


Shop All Scarves

(Starting at $29)

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