Seven Tricks to Sleep Well on a Hot Night

Seven Tricks to Sleep Well on a Hot Night

Ahh, sweet, sweet summertime. Perfect weather for outdoor concerts, swimming, and fun weekend adventuring. Days are sunny and hot, nights are balmy and intoxicating. But with global temperatures rising and every month breaking previous years’ heat records, it’s becoming almost impossible to beat the heat without resorting to an AC unit.

For those of us that are trying to lessen our carbon footprint, air-conditioners aren’t an option. And for those of us with an AC— they’re often still not enough.

Whether you live in the city or the country, it seems catching your nightly zzz’s in these record-breaking temperatures has become increasingly difficult. Think this is a problem without a solution? Not so.

Here, seven sure-fire ways to sleep well on a hot night with nary an AC in site:

Get Breezy

No matter if you have one window in your bedroom or five, you can create the perfect cross-breeze. When the sun goes down and you’re ready to follow suit, open all of the windows in your digs to create a delicious, soothing, sleep-inducing breeze.

Get Cold

Before hopping into bed, hop first into a cold shower. This doesn’t have to be a tortuous event; simply take a cold shower for a minute or two to lower your body temperature, and then hit the sheets.

Get Natural

Speaking of sheets, nix the synthetics and stick to natural fibers. Cotton is great, bamboo is better — breathable, antimicrobial, and resistant to smelly sweat. Bonus: Bamboo sheets are perfect for the caring environmentalist; grown pesticide free, self-regenerating bamboo is the go-to green way of not only keeping cool, but sleeping comfortably without the damage—and guilt—of AC.

Get Hydrated

Staying hydrated throughout the day is key to keeping your core body temperature regulated. When it’s humid, your body sweat can’t evaporate and in turn, your core temperature rises. Drink ice water throughout the day, and keep some handy by your bed at night.

Get Oily

Okay, we’re not talking about slathering oil on your skin, as that’s a sure way to raise your body temperature. No, we’re talking essential oils here. Peppermint oil is a cooling essential oil, and with its use, you will effectively lower your body temperature simply by dabbing it on key parts of your body.

To apply, rub a few drops on the bottoms of your feet, behind the knees, and the back of the neck. In addition to the peppermint oil application, place a frozen washcloth on the back of your neck, over the essential oil, for an especially cooling trick.

Get Shady

Pro tip straight from the Mediterranean: shut down the house. During the day, draw the shades in your house to create a dark, sunless cave. In the cool of the early morning, open your windows wide. Once it begins to warm up, however, shut everything down. You’ll come home to a cool, dark sanctuary at the end of the day. Perfection.

Get Low

Heat Rises. Therefore, the higher the bed the hotter you’ll be. If you have multiple floors, consider moving downstairs for the hottest nights. If you live in a one-level abode, throw your mattress on the floor. Combined with all of the above tips, you’ll be in dreamland before you can say AC.

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