Onboard Media Partners Loves Bamboo Blankets

Cariloha Bamboo Blankets - OBM Loves Them

In a recent visit to the Florida offices of our long-time promotional partner, Onboard Media, we learned just how the staff really feels about Cariloha’s bamboo blankets.

It turns out they unanimously feel that bamboo blankets feel like “you’re sleeping in a hug.”

Well said, OBM, well said.

Other Cariloha fans had this to say about our bamboo blankets:

“I’m in heaven when I sleep with my bamboo blankets!” – Ashley N.

“Received my sheets & blankie the other day! OMG, they are sooooooo soft! ♥ Thank you!!!!” – Casey S.

“Bamboo blankets!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.” – Meredyth B.

How much do you love Cariloha bamboo blankets?