Latest Fashion Trends

new york fashion trends

Many new fashion trends are popping up across the country. From gorgeous long draped gowns to baroque styled blouses, the biggest trends are making their way to stores nationwide. Here are the biggest fashion blow ups that have hit the run ways in New York City and Paris.

Draped Necklines
Formal gowns have made a giant development for 2013; a beautiful draped neck reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s. Long gown is the formally trending strapless prom dress and in comes a lovely short sleeved variant with bunched fabric at the neckline. Not only does it fit the body like a glove, it looks romantically classic with either a soft toned color hue or a lavish floral pattern. No doubt that these dresses will match with the already fashionable platform heel and a sophisticated wavy bun hairstyle.

Bright Whites
White has always been incorporated in fashion, but designers have brought the pale tone back into the forefront. This color or lack of is coming back steadily, ready for the holidays and the winter season in general. Fluffy white sweaters and long white skirts are a hot commodity now, especially when paired with an equally as white accessory such as boots, shoes, or even a hairpiece. Soft white signifies innocence and looks amazing with all hair and skin colors, so it’s no wonder it’s heating up the runway in full force.

Crimson Reds
Another popular color in clothing this season is vivid crimson red. This charming and mysterious color has not reached popularity since the 1990s, and is making a comeback in blouses, long silky skirts, and trench coat styled dresses. This beautiful rouge tinge has been mixed with loud striped patterns on the latest runways to give it a new and unique edge.

Loud Patterned Sweaters
Sweaters with decals and prints haven’t seen the light in fashion for quite a while, so it’s about time they are featured once again. Warm and fuzzy loose sweaters are an upcoming trend that will surely be available everywhere, as well as 80s inspired prints and the rustic Fair Isle look. Popular colors include warm beige, deep navy, and chocolate brown.

Contrasted Collars
For a cute yet sensible look, contrasted collars are in and heavily upgraded. New trend blouses are usually a solid color such as white or cream with a bold black collar to even it out. These types of collars are every soft and rounded on the edges or sharp and slightly uneven. Sleeveless dresses with contrasted collars are also becoming increasingly popular, especially those with embellishments outlining the color. Although this trend popped up last year, it’s been remarkably well known after this year’s fashion week displayed them. The latest fashion trends mix in a bit of old with the new. Each trend has a vintage trait that balances out with a contemporary flare. From the new color palettes, different styles of collars, and elegantly designed dresses, there is sure to be something for everyone this fashion season.

About the Author: Jessica Hamilton, with Cariloha, is an avid blogger that loves fashion, shopping and traveling. She enjoys finding ways to serve the community and help support a green, eco-friendly lifestyle.