Cariloha Weekend Party List – Happy Labor Day!

Uncle Sam Birthday

Cariloha Friday! Plus Labor Day on Monday equals an extra long weekend for most of us! Hooray and thank heavens! What does Labor Day weekend mean to you? Is it just another holiday or day off work? For me, it’s the last day of summer, the last day at the community pool, and the official start of a new school year. It’s a weekend for getting in just one last barbeque with friends and family and watching a few baseball or season-opening football games.

As you venture out this Labor Day weekend, be sure to get your Cariloha style on, letting it inspire your grilling skills or your trail mix fetish, whichever comes first. Share a popsicle with a friend by the pool, as it could be your last chance to do so until next year.

Remember England’s sweetheart princess Diana and whip up a batch of some gnarly trail mix (today), then, try to spot a pink Cadillac and play a round of chess (tomorrow), next, lick your cares away with a blueberry popsicle and buy a new Spalding baseball (Sunday), finally, celebrate Labor Day with friends and family by hosting a barbeque or visiting your local bowling alley or swimming pool (Monday). Have a happy Labor Day weekend!

However you choose to approach your weekend, make it a memorable time and don’t forget to wrap up in your Cariloha bamboo-soft clothing, sheets or towels every day.

August 31 – September 3
31- Princess Diana Memorial Day
31- National Trail Mix Day

1- Mary Had A Little Lamb Published (1830)
1- American Chess Day
1- National Hummingbird Day
1- Leaf Blower Birthday (1971)
1- Pink Cadillac Day (1956); Elvis Presley bought a pink Cadillac for his mother

2- National Blueberry Popsicle Day
2- Pierce Your Ears Day
2- Bowling Shirt Birthday
2- Liberty Kids Day
2- Spalding Baseball Day Albert Goodwill Spalding, baseball pitcher and manufacturer, born 1850

3- Skyscraper Day
3- Labor Day
3- Uncle Sam’s Birthday
3- U.S. Bowling League Day (1921)
3- Home Run Pitcher Day
3- National Wilderness Day
3- Barkley the Dog’s Birthday (Sesame Street)

Tell the folks here at Cariloha how you celebrated your weekend. What did you do? How did you make it memorable? Send us a picture wearing or using bamboo clothing, bedding or bath goods, and we’ll post it on our blog for a prize.