Cariloha Weekend Party List – Happy First Day of Fall

Fall Leaves

Cariloha Friday! And a 2012 autumn inauguration weekend when the weather gets cooler, the days grow shorter, and the fall colors beam brighter. You’re still two months away from the Thanksgiving break, so you’ll want to take advantage of all these lesser-known, yet interesting holidays between now and then. There’s something new for everyone.

As you venture out this autumn weekend, be sure to get your Cariloha style on, letting it inspire your unique personality to do something new for a change. Show your gratitude for friends, neighbors and family.

Butter up a fluffy croissant, play around of miniature golf, and lend a hand of peace (today), then, feed a carrot to a rabbit, stick on a colorful band-aid, and visit the elephants at your local zoo (tomorrow), next, watch an old TV episode of The Jetsons, play some checkers, and bring your favorite teacher an apple (Sunday), finally, watch an episode of the Muppets and look for a bluebird of happiness (Monday). Happy Autumn Weekend!

However you choose to approach your weekend, make it a memorable time and don’t forget to wrap up in your Cariloha bamboo-soft clothing, sheets or towels every day.

September 21 – September 24
21- Croissants Birthday (1529)
21- Miniature Golf Day
21- World Gratitude Day
21- International Peace Day
21- POW/MIA Recognition Day (3rd Friday of September

22- Band-Aid Invented (1921)
22- First day of Autumn
22- Dear Diary Day
22- Elephant Appreciation Day
22- Ice Cream Cone Birthday (1903)
22- National Hunting and Fishing Day (4th Saturday in September)
22- American Business Women’s Day
22- International Rabbit Day (4th Saturday in September)

23- Airmail Birthday (1911)
23- Teacher’s Day
23- The Jetsons’ Birthday (1962)
23- Checkers Day

24- Gall Bladder Good Health Day (1886)
24- Bullwinkle’s Birthday (1961)
24- First Toy Store Opened
24- National Bluebird of Happiness Day
24- Jim Henson’s Birthday (1936 – 1990) Muppet Creator
24- National Cherries Jubilee Day

Tell the folks here at Cariloha how you celebrated your weekend. What did you do? How did you make it memorable? Send us a picture wearing or using bamboo clothing, bedding or bath goods, and we’ll post it on our blog for a prize.