Cariloha Featured on BuzzFeed as Key for Creating Bedroom Oasis

Cariloha Featured on BuzzFeed as Key for Creating Bedroom Oasis

When you’re ready to transform your bedroom into a sleep and comfort sanctuary, consider adopting the following 16 simple ways for making it happen, as posted on BuzzFeed:

16 Simple Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into The Oasis You Deserve

Picture this: You finally walk in the door after a long, overloaded, anxiety-inducing day at work. In need of some serious relaxation and vegetation to recover, you swap your leg prisons pants for something stretchy and shuffle off to your room for the only kind of Netflix & Chill that actually matters — the kind involving you, potato chips, and preferably a generous glass of wine.

Ready to embrace the sweet respite of doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the night, you walk into your room to find — not the blissful hideaway you’d imagined — but rather a messy room with an unmade bed that only serves to further stress you out.

If this doesn’t sound anything like you, you’re clearly too good for the likes of us peasants and should continue on your merry, morally-superior way. But if your bedroom isn’t the sanctuary you dream it to be, fret not: There are several easy upgrades you can make to your space to instantly feel calmer and more relaxed, in an I-actually-have-my-life-together sort of way.

Here are 16 Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Oasis You Deserve:

1. Swap out your sheets

Nobody likes musty old sheets. Switching out your “blah” bedding for a set of high-quality sheets that feel amazing on your skin will instantly make your bedroom feel more like a paradise. If you’re not sure what to get, consider bamboo sheets, which are super-soft and have moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties, keeping your bed feeling crisp and fresh.

2. Make your damn bed

Once you’ve got yourself a set up grown-up sheets, do yourself a favor and make a habit of making your bed every single morning. It might seem pointless — you’re just going to get back in it, anyway — but there are actual studies that show making your bed each morning helps you feel happier, more-productive, and less stressed. Trust us: Climbing into a made bed feels infinitely better than climbing into an unmade one.

3. Upgrade your window treatments

Too often, curtains and blinds become an afterthought of designing a space — or no one even thinks about them at all. However, the right window treatments won’t just make your space look better and more put-together, they’ll also help you embrace natural light during the day and shut it out at night, which will help you fall and stay asleep. Pick out a nice pair of blackout shades to pair with a pretty set of curtains and instantly transform your room into a sleep-friendly paradise. They don’t even have to be expensive: IKEA makes plenty of good options.

4. Add a plush area rug under your bed

You might not think it’ll make a difference, but just you wait: Setting your feet down on a soft rug in the morning will make waking up so much nicer.

5. Address your laundry situation

Nothing will make a room feel like a disaster more than heaps of laundry everywhere. If you don’t have a neat, organized hamper solution, it may be time to upgrade. You can also store your hamper(s) in the closet to keep your bedroom clutter-and-clothing-free.

6. Tackle clutter magnets

Take a look around the various surfaces in your room. Is there a dresser or chair attracting unwanted clutter? If the answer is yes, it’s time to pull out a trash can and go to town. De-cluttering doesn’t just mean organizing: It means getting rid of stuff you’ve kept around just because you could, making way for items you actually love.

7. When in doubt, twinkle lights

Because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re in an ethereal, twinkly wonderland?

8. Deck out your nightstands

Pick out a good nightstand with a drawer, so you can hide away electronic devices and other items you’ll use regularly but don’t want sitting out. If possible, hide your cords behind the nightstand to keep that area looking clean. Bonus: You can use this hack to turn your nightstand into a charging station.

9. Find (or make) a headboard

Not only will a headboard instantly make your room look more put-together, it’s also way more comfortable to lean against than a rail or a wall. Can’t afford to buy the one you want? DIY your headboard for an affordable-but-awesome statement piece.

10. Get some nice plants

Plants instantly give life to a space; they’re pretty and purify the air. A few potted plants around your bedroom will make a big visual impact and make your room feel airier. If you’ve been cursed with a black thumb, try these houseplants that are hard to kill.

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