Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Pass Every Comfort Test

After trying any number of sheets these days, you may find some that are too itchy, others that are too hot, and many that are too stiff but, with Cariloha’s bamboo sheets, you’ll find that they pass the test in comfort, temperature regulation, and softness. This media product reviewer shares her unbiased personal experiences about Cariloha Bamboo sheets.

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha Bamboo Reviews: Best High-Quality Bamboo Sheet Set Ever!
By Momma Deals

As you could guess I am crazy about deals, and my favorite day of the year just might by Black Friday. This last year I found some especially great deals online, one of which were two sets of microfiber sheets. They were from different companies, one extremely soft and the other a bit more flattering in its color. I think they’re ok to sleep on, not too special but not bad either. However, there’s something about these microfiber sheets that drives my husband crazy. They irritate his skin and to him just feel “fake”. He compares it to eating crab versus imitation crab!

I decided to get a set of sheets that only had 15% microfiber and 85% cotton, and fibbed by telling him they were just cotton…sure enough on the first night he tossed and turned and said, “I think there’s some microfiber in these sheets, I hate them!” Cotton sheets are just ok, and silk sheets make me sweat at night, so we searched the web for alternatives. We found that bamboo sheets are very popular among people who have tried them. We found that Cariloha Bamboo was a company that specializes not only in sheets and towels, but bamboo clothing and accessories for men and women, too. We reached out to them and they agreed to let us try out a set of sheets and one of their shirts. We opted for the Sage colored sheets, a tough decision as the other colors are really flattering as well.

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