5 Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

5 Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

A complete change in lifestyle can be a little overwhelming and, if you start too big, you might not stick it out and make the change permanent. With that in mind, we recommend starting out with small changes, a simple step here and there will help guide you to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Taking a few minutes today to look closely at your daily routines and surroundings will help reveal the most basic changes toward a more earth-friendly life. To assist you in this closer look, here are five things to consider in your lifestyle evaluation:

1. Recycle – Separating your recyclables from your trash (a service that most communities already offer through weekly trash pick-up) is a great first step to leaving a greener footprint. Separating your trash isn’t the only way you can recycle, however, using less paper helps save our trees, and finding creative ways to re-use glass bottles makes for a fun side project and reduces garbage.

2. Clothing, Bedding, Bath Towels – You can make your own bedroom, bathroom or wardrobe more eco-friendly by sleeping on bed sheets, bathing in bath towels, and wearing clothing made of eco-friendly fabrics like viscose from bamboo. Not only is bamboo fabric luxuriously soft, but it also naturally wicks moisture away from your body and is odor and allergy resistant. So, it stays cleaner and fresher longer. Less wear and tear on the environment.

3. Light Bulbs – All kinds of energy-efficient light bulbs are in the marketplace today. You can get nearly any shape and size light bulb for your home. However, we’re not suggesting that you stop all other expenditures and spend all your money on new bulbs. Rather, the next time you have a light go out, simply replace it with a more eco-conscious light bulb. It’ll pay off in the short and long run.

4. Carpool – Create a carpool for work or school with people who live near you. You’ll not only help the environment by contributing less fossil fuels, but you’ll also save money because you won’t have to fill up your tank as often.

5. Preserve – You don’t have to throw out those close-to-being-overly ripe fruits and vegetables. Instead, you can pickle and jam them to make them last longer, which is a great, affordable project that will substantially reduce waste in your household.

Making the transition to an eco-conscious lifestyle can be so simple it’s almost unbelievable. Even the littlest things can make the biggest differences in your life and the world around us.


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