Three Reasons to Choose a Bamboo Mattress over other Mattresses

Three Reasons to Choose a Bamboo Mattress over other Mattresses

While bamboo fabric is relatively new in today’s marketplace, the excitement for bamboo pillowcases, sheets, and even mattresses is growing tremendously. The shift to bamboo fabric has a lot to do with its built-in benefits compared to other bedding fabrics. Bamboo fabric is being recognized as one of the most luxurious, eco-friendly fabrics on the planet.

One of the recently introduced, highly popular products, made from bamboo fabric, is the bamboo mattress. Bamboo mattresses are extremely comfortable and can make anyone’s sleep a more blissful one. If that’s not enough to convince you about bamboo mattresses, read on. Here are a few reasons why bamboo mattresses are better than other types:

What are bamboo mattresses?

Before knowing why bamboo mattresses are amazing for sleep quality, it’s better to know how they work to fully appreciate them. A bamboo queen mattress is made from bamboo stems, which are harvested and milled into viscose-from-bamboo fiber. The processed fibers are made into foam covers for the mattresses. When processed, bamboo fiber becomes bamboo charcoal, which is what makes it cool and airy. The bamboo charcoal is mixed together with the memory foam and turned into the foam that’s placed in the mattress.

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Bamboo Mattress

1. It’s eco-friendly.

First of all, it really is an eco-friendly alternative to other fabrics and a more sustainable, renewable resource for our planet. Bamboo fabric, unlike cotton or other materials that are made into fabric, does not need much artificial care. This means that while growing, there were no pesticides present or use of artificial materials or harmful chemicals. In fact, it grows naturally and can resist insects as well as other bugs.

It’s anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

It naturally repels bacteria and odor. In fact, it is naturally resistant to mold and fungi, which makes it a very good product for those who have allergies or asthma. Bed bugs, fungi, and even dust mites will not be able to thrive in bamboo-laden beds because of the antibacterial properties. Don’t forget – the mildew smell that comes from other fabrics won’t happen with the bamboo mattress.

It’s really soft and comfy.

The last and most obvious reason to get a bamboo mattress would be that it’s very soft and comfortable to sleep on. Not only is it unbelievably soft, but it’s also very cooling because of the bamboo charcoal infused into the memory foam. As stated above, the bamboo charcoal in the mattress provides a regulated temperature for a cooler, comfier night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

With these three reasons to get a bamboo mattress, it’s definitely no surprise that these products have been getting more recognition in the market these days. The benefits of buying bamboo mattresses definitely make it worth the price. Not only will you be able to have a very comfortable sleep, but you’ll also have better health as well. It’s only a matter of time before bamboo mattresses become more well-known and well-loved by the entire public.