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Bamboo Baby Bodysuits

Cariloha knows that, when it comes to your bouncing little baby, only the softest and best will do. Our bamboo bodysuits are hypoallergenic and made from natural fibers, so they won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Our bodysuits are so soft that you won’t know where your baby’s skin stops and our clothing begins. Our bodysuits come in a variety of colors and patterns for baby girls and baby boys. From lovely pink lace dots to adorable stars. Your baby will look and feel amazing while crawling around, giggling, and being the light of your life. Our bamboo bodysuits absorb water 3 to 4 times more than cotton, keeping your baby's skin dry and comfortable. They also stay cooler in hotter temperatures and warmer in colder temperatures. This helps babies stay comfortable while they sleep, and a comfortable sleeping baby means more sleep for you. Our Guarantee: We offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. You will be completely satisfied with your purchase and your baby will be cozy and comfortable or you can return if for a refund. Take a look at our baby bodysuits and order yours today.